Students Union Cardiff

Cardiff Students' Union Cathays

Cardiff Students' Union in Cathays

Cardiff Students Union is the largest students’ union in Wales and is mainly used by Cardiff University students. However students from Cardiff Met and Glamorgan University regularly spend a night out there. The Cardiff union is a popular with student and was rated as the 5th best union for students in the UK by the Times Higher Student Experience Survey in 2012.

The union is located in the Cathays area of Cardiff and is in the centre of the university’s facilities and is about a 10 minute walk to the city centre. The Union building is situated directly over the main railway line that runs between Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys

The students’ Union is at the heart of the students’ social life be it for its clubs and societies or for its nightlife. The Union’s supports a broad range range of clubs and societies and the Athletic Union attracts 5000 students annually.

Facility wise the Union has a shop (where you can buy stationary, food and gifts), a restaurant, a pub (The Taf which is a great place to socialise after a busy day revising), a Night Club and a in houses a radio station. The Union also produces a weekly students’ paper called the ‘Gair Rhydd’ which is Welsh for the ‘Free Word’. The union also has entertainment areas and has game station near the main entrance and a number of pool and snooker tables – great if your looking to unwind.

Cardiff Students Union regularly attracts gigs from famous and up and coming bands and it a well respected location on the live music scene in the city.

If your thing of going to the Taf or Union night club, why don’t you try out our featured pubcrawl in our Cardiff nightlife section see the review of the pubs in Cardiff,

UWIC Students’ Union

UWIC Students’ Union is based in the Cyncoed campus. And has a bar/night club in the campus. The students’ union has a very active Athletics Union because of the sporting nature of the University. The union night club although smaller than Cardiff Students Union’s nightclub has a great feel and is ideal for those students who are living on the Cyncoed campus or living in the Roath district of Cardiff.

Your Thoughts

Let us know what your thoughts are of Cardiff Students Union and UWIC’s Students Union. What are the best nights in the union and what are the best nights out in Cardiff?

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