Cardiff Students

Cardiff having 3 universities (Cardiff UniversityCardiff Metropolitan University  and Glamorgan University) Cardiff students dominate certain parts of the city. In particular the Roath, Cathays, Maindy, Heath and the Kingcoed areas of Cardiff. During the summer holidays a these areas become particularly quiet as they miss the student energy. See the map below:

Favourite Student Locations in Cardiff

Cardiff students particularly enjoy spending their free time in the parks of the city. Students from the Talybont university halls tend to go to Pontcanna and Bute parks. Whilst students in the Roath, Heath and Cathays areas spend to spend a lot of time playing sports and relaxing around the beautiful Roath Park and green flag winning Roath Lake.


Cardiff Students enjoying Roath Park

It has been know for Cardiff students to celebrate after completing their examinations (normally after alcohol) to jump into the Victorian built Roath lake however this should be avoided at all costs due to the high algae content in the lake.

Cardiff Students and Transport

Cardiff Students travelling by public transport

Cardiff students normally use different modes of transport to get around the city. The location of where they stay normally dictates what form of transport they use. The most common way of getting from hall to university is by foot (its approximately 20 minutes from Talybont to the University and 30 minutes from Uni Hall to the university). Lots of students use bikes to travel around the city as it much easier to get around then by foot.

Students who travel from surrounding towns make the most of Cardiff’s bus and rail network.

Cardiff Students and the City

Cardiff students integrate well into the community with most of them deciding to live in the Capital city after graduating. Others we move away after graduating often return to the city to remember the good times they had during university there.

Lots of Cardiff students also work in bar and shops in the local community to support their university lives. The city is particularly in need of students around the Christmas period to the demand.

Being a Cardiff Student

Let us know what your experiences are of being a Cardiff student. Do you enjoy studying in the City? How do you find the public transport? What is your favourite park? Post your comments below.

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