Cardiff University Jobs

Cardiff University employs slightly less than 6,000 staff to support the education of nearly 29,000 students. Approximately 30% of Cardiff university jobs are for part time positions. Cardiff University Jobs are in high demand we hope our guide gives you the competitive advantage you need to get the job you want.

The composition of the Cardiff University jobs can be seen below:

  • Academic & Research     49.3%
  • Managerial, Professional and Specialist Staff   22.1%
  • Administrative Support     19.0%
  • Operational Services     6.1%
  • Technical Services     3.6%

Cardiff University has been awarded ‘Investors in People’ so there’s no wonder why so many people want to work for the university. For more information to find a job at the university see our tips below.

Looking for a Job at Cardiff University?

  • Some of the best places to start your search for a job at the university are with the university’s careers service
  • Search Cardiff University’s website as they have a webpage listing their current job vacancies.
  • is another place that list academic job vacancies.
  • Also be clever as not all jobs are advertised. Get to know the professor/manager in the department that you looking to work in. Send them your CV and covering letter. Meet them in person or phone them up if at all possible and say that you would like to work with them.
  • Read the press and search the university’s website for information on research projects that they have just won, as they’ll be looking for someone to manage and do the research.

Summer and Term Time Jobs in Cardiff

With the increased cost of studying for a degree in the UK there is an increased financial pressure placed on students. However, don’t worry there are plenty of jobs available in Cardiff to support your student living costs you just need to be prepared to look and willing to be versatile.

Check the careers centre in Cathays for jobs at the university, the Cardiff Students Union and local pubs for bar work. Also look out for cleaning jobs, baby sitting, and working in the local shops. Even consider joining the Officers’ Training Corps as its not only fun but they pay you for your time. If you have a skill like being able to play a musical instrument consider playing in a band and making money from it. As part of you degree you’ll be learning skills that you can make the most of such as if you’re on a language degree course then you could use your skills as translator or as a tutor helping students with their A-Levels.

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