Cardiff University Courses Explained

Cardiff University has a wealth of academic courses suitable for full-time, part-time, distant, undergraduate and postgraduate students. Lectures and tutorials are supported by over 3,000 academic and research staff. The university has three academic schools that provides the hundreds of courses:

  • Arts humanities and Social Sciences
  • Biomedical and Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

Cardiff University Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Courses

Within the Arts humanities and Social Sciences school you’ll find business courses, English, philosophy, European languages, political courses, history, archaeology, religion, law, music, Welsh and amongst other courses on offer.

Cardiff University Biomedical and Life Sciences Courses

Within the Biomedical and Life Sciences school you will be able to find courses in biosciences, dentistry, medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy and psychology related subjects.

Cardiff University Physical Sciences Courses

Within the Physical Sciences academic School you will find courses in architecture, astronomy, chemistry, computer science, engineering, earth sciences, mathematics, physics, and other courses on offer.

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