The Best Hotels Near Cardiff University

Hilton hotel is close to Cardiff University

The Hilton one of the closest hotels to Cardiff University

Cardiff University in located in Cathays Park area which is very close to the city centre. Therefore, there is a good selection of quality hotels near to Cardiff University and many of them are only a 10 minute walk from the main university building.

The pleasant walk from the university to the city centre is through the shopping district of the city where you’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants and bars. You’ll also pass the impressive City Hall and Cardiff Museum buildings.

Cardiff Hotels

Cardiff being a capital city has a wide selection of accommodation from large international hotels to local  guest houses offering a personal touch. Cardiff regularly hosts large sporting events so the level of service is generally very high. If your looking for the latest offers on hotels in Cardiff complete the information below:

B&B near Cardiff University

If you’re on a budget or do not wish to stay in a hotel then there are great offers to be had on guest houses in Cardiff. Many of the guest houses are in close proximity to the university and you can get away without the need for a car. The best deals can be found here.

A good selection on hotels near to the university can be found here. There are some great deals to be had on hotels such as the Angel hotel and the Marriot hotel Cardiff both of which are only a short stroll from the university.

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